Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Pumpkin Search

This past Saturday we had a relaxing time  not to many places to go or meetings to attend. So we decided to go on a pumpkin search at Gnismer Farms.

Trailer  rides,Scarecrow building,Corn stalks and pumpkins .

The weather was great. Now on to our pumpkin search.

These are the two we chose. Now on to the house to create a  Fall display with them and later for carving.

 Hope you enjoyed our visit to the farm.  I loved to hear about your fall decorating. Wish you a great week.

Create & Inspire, 

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  1. How fun! You know, we have never gone to Gnismer farms. I drive by it almost daily and tell myself "the kids would love to pick that (insert seasonal item here)". Like the strawberries. You've motivated me! Nice pumpkins, by the way!