Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Matching Cabinet

 In last post I shared with you the cabinet I received from my sister-n-law. My husband and I matched some of the designs of the existing cabinet to the new cabinet. Below is the bottom cabinet: 

Here are photos of the new cabinet with the added designs:
Before paint and Gel Stain.

Sorry about the color and lighting of these two photos ,I could not get my flash to work.This wood design I found in a smaller size. I was thrilled. My husband carved out the groves on the side.

The color is the same on both cabinets.We tried  to match a few design. I am pleased with the end results. I also added new knobs from Hobby Lobby.They have such a great assortment. If your stopped and took a peek. Thank you.

Inspire & Create,


My Workdesk Today

Well , it has been a while  since I've posted on WWW. So I thought I would share with those of you who are sharing your work desk today...