Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's on Your Work desk Wednesday?

It has been a while  for me to post . My oldest has graduated from high school and I have been very busy with all the high school stuff and preparing for college now, but I did manage to work on these cute flip flops.This is what is on my desk this morning.

These are fun to make.A pair of flip flop (color of your choice of course), two bandana's and pekin shears.
Cut the strips 1" wide by 8" long. Then just tie around the straps. Julia is still going strong with theWWW's so pop over to Stamping Ground  to check out other desktops. Thanks Julia I love checking each week .

Create and Inspire,

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Delightful Project

I managed to squeeze this delightful project in my very busy last couple of months . While, visiting my mother one weekend we drove to Lorena ( a little town ) down the highway from her home. There was this little antique shop. I found this wonderful little baby clothes hamper.I am always on the lookout for interesting containers for storage.

Cute size.Don't you think! Here I'm spray painting it Ivory I like to use Krylon indoor/outdoor in a can.
I love using the handle for spray cans it so much easier on the index finger. Great tool to have on hand.

   Burlap, ribbon, Photo images and trims what to choose to cover the top. Fun! I love this part of the project.

First, I printed,ironed,and sewed on the fabric image.Now on to the covering process. I doubled my burlap and pull tight to get smooth and stapled .  I covered the staples with a thin piece of cardboard.

 I was playing around with what to embellish the side with and I decided to go with wired ribbon. I just twisted,scrunched the ribbon and wahlah!.I liked the way it turned out.

Almost to the end. If you are wondering what the inside looks like here is a shot.It is just the right size for a bag of poly-fiber to keep on hand.

Oh! I did add this beautiful flower jewelry on the front to complement the final look. Here is a shot of the front
and the top of the hamper.

Hope you enjoyed this post. I loved working on this one and it really did not take to long at all.I just love when a project comes together.

Create and Inspire, 

My Workdesk Today

Well , it has been a while  since I've posted on WWW. So I thought I would share with those of you who are sharing your work desk today...