Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A New Year

2010- A new start . Are you planning new adventures , growth, friendships and of course new areas of creativity. Let's see I did not make any resolutions. I'm just taking action and accomplishing tasks/projects.
Tasks : Reading a book a month - The one I'm reading now is The Last Lecture.
Growth: Unshakable Faith - A fifty day journey.
Friendships: Learning to be a better listener and writing notes in pen not email.
Creativity: 1. Started quilling .
2. Made pin cushion for friend for her birthday. Oops! A little late.

Starting Dress form pincushion.

Working away, sewing and ripping out. Enjoying and learning.
Stuffing and whip stitching. Almost finished. Adorning the outside with pins and ribbon.
What do think? The consensus around here is love it.

Looks great on a stand.

Being creative is just so rewarding. If your having a down day just take action with something even its just doodling with crayons. Oh! Don't forget to search the blogging world to pep you up.
I was searching through blog links and clicked on Praise And Coffee. Wow ! Sue Cramer what an inspiration and encouragment. Visit Praise and Coffee.

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  1. And that's just what I did.... took a little break to check out my blogging buddies! What a nice surprise to see your new post.

    And whoever received that beautiful dress form pin cushion, well, she's one lucky gal! She must be a very special person! Tee hee! (Snickering)

    It was me, it was me!!!! I am special - to have you as my friend! I've already glued her little "bottom" on and will post a picture soon.

    Quilling? Ugh. I've so wanted to do that. Don't show it to me yet. I have too much to do and you know I'll want to join in!!

    See ya! :)

  2. I'd love to know what you quilled? Are you just learning or have you quilled before?

  3. 人生之中,比冒險更危險的一件事:不去冒險。 ....................................................

  4. Oh girl, you just quill me!! Get it? :)


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