Sunday, June 13, 2010

Card Ministry

Check out my card ministry box. I  purchased this at Recollections sorry to say the store closed. This store was the best . I covered the outside using the Once upon a time paper collection.

Covering around the box.

The box came with file dividers. Next covering the dividers with the theme. 

This part was pretty easy . The selection of paper to choose from was great.

I added trim around the  edge to draw the eye and make it easy to find the different dividers.

After I covered the box and dividers, I wanted to do some embellishing.So I experimented with  the foil sheet
again. The foil sheets cut  great with the paper cutter .

 Here I am using my new punch ( one of Martha Stewart's) . She does have great tools.

Adhering the foil to corners. The foil forms good . I can't wait to try on other projects.I really lik the way it looks on the box.

The inside looks great with the dividers.

The finished product. I really like the color scheme.

Far, Far Away

Well, My box is for ready for me to start my card ministry. Now to design and create cards  to keep on hand and ready to send . What do you think about this project?

Create something,


  1. Hi Harriet! I think your project came out beautifully...and what a great idea to have a special box with dividers to keep cards handy. My extra cards are all jammed into an old ugly cardboard box...nothing like like this beauty! This is very inspiring indeed!...Thanks for you sweet visit to my blog. It's so nice to meet you! ;) Paulette

  2. Girl, you are so talented! God blessed you with an artistic flair like no other! Your box ix get busy filling it up. I'm blessed by your friendship.

    Love you,

  3. The photos look great! I think you should make another one just like it and give one to me!! Tommie is right - you are one talented lady!


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