Friday, August 6, 2010

Rooster Blog Party2

 Rooster Party over at Bella Vista. Hello, This is my first blog party of any kind.  Here are  my beautiful roosters. This is Rusty , he watches over my kitchen while sitting up on my refrigerator.

This handsome fellow I met in the world wide web and I made a card with him to keep my butler company.

One day I was visiting an antique mall and I found this guy. Looks like he is telling her where to stay in the yard.She's pretending to listen but she really goes where she pleases.

These two are chatting on my stool I just finished decoupaging last week. He is giving her the talk too.I acquired them from my husband's Grandmother , she was a wonderful lady. I have enjoyed sharing my roosters with you.

Create& Inspire,


  1. Hi Harriet! What sweet roosters! I have a nice one hanging over my kitchen sink too! ;) Paulette

  2. Hi Harriet, I love your pretty roosters. So glad this is your first party. That is special.

    Thank you for joining and for sharing. Have fun visiting.

    Hugs, Barb ♥

  3. What a delightful Rooster blog party - I love your kitchen roosters! And I loved your wonderful family memories. Thank you for a very sweet visit. :)


  4. Glad you found the rooster party today, hope you enjoy it, and that you will be brave enough to join many more bloggin' parties!

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  6. Harriet, fun post! Quite the handsome and sassy dudes you have.

    I enjoyed my visit!! Great blog background.

  7. Glad you joined in on the rooster party! You have a lovely collection :)

    Thanks for sharing them with us!

  8. Roosters that have passed down from loved ones have to be my favorites, but you have lots and lots of beautiful ones, Char

  9. I am still trying to get around to all the rooster parties!! I made it to the "S" blogs now!!! I love your collection of roosters! I just love Rusty! Reminds me of my big guy that sits proudly in the middle of our table!


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