Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WOW #71

Here we are on another Wednesday.If you want to know what this WOW is all about pop on over to Julia's At Stamping Ground. I'm not working just yet today but this is what's on my desk. I participated in a Victorian cuff swap hosted by Honey Lamb and I. I received a cuff from my swap partner S.Starnes . I think she did a terrific job.She also put in extra's. WOW ! What a serendipity!



Visit her at Sun Moon Starnes. Sharon works with polymer clay. Here is a closer look at the magnets  I received.

  Have a wonderful day. Going to visit others desks. Thanks to all who visit.

Create & Inspire,


  1. lovely lace cuff! so pretty...
    sasa 10

  2. You've received some gorgeous items there!

    Helen x (136)

  3. Lovely magnets you have been sent

    Enjoy your day Candace

    (little late this week so I'm #150)

  4. Love that lace cuff - never seen or heard of these before. #142

  5. Gosh gosh gosh - how beautiful is that! What an inventive swap. Now you need another! Love the polyclay magnets too - how clever is your swapster.


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