Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Sewing Project

A new dress , my sewing project I have been working on this week. I started to play can you guess what I've been working on post, but I got side track doing others things. I bought one of those patterns you can  make  in two hours.

I made the short dress. I used a linen tablecloth that I purchased on one of my day trips.This is a little lighter in weight than linen fabric I saw at the fabric stores. It is very soft. Below, I have my dress hanging on Anne, my somewhat dress form.

Here in the next photo you can view the white floral trim I added  around the neck to soften the neckline. 

I thought the trim complimented it very well. Hmh! I think I might get some pink  leggins to wear with the dress. Oh! I almost forgot to share about the  shoulder purse. About three weeks ago my daughter and I bought two of  the bags to carry just a few items around with us while we are out and about. We had fun decorating them.Here is a close up of mine:

Here is a view of hers:

What a blessing it is to use our creative thoughts and energy, especially with others. Well I am off to work on some other creative thought. Have Awesome day.

Create & Inspire,

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  1. That is so linen and love roses so it must be perfect...the little purses are darling, too1


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