Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fabric,Felt,Jewelry and Ribbon

Do you have a friend,sister or creative soul you share time with to be creative.? I  do, my  friend Mona.If you have a few minutes she would love a visit.  We share creative thoughts, tools and some of our stash. Mona has this new book, Inspired to Sew by Bari J. Yes, she let me borrow the book. 

Bari shares several different skills & techniques . I think it is a book worth adding to your creative/crafting library. I like the Flower Brooch project. So off to look through my stash of fabric,felt jewelry, and ribbon.With my needle and thread in hand I started to create. This is the one I started for my friend M.

Below is a look at the final results. What do you think? I like the finished product.

I am planning on making some more Brooches after the holidays some with Spring colors. It is project that doesn't take to long and you probably have the tools and materials on hand.. It's a great gift idea. Hope this next week is a blessing  for everyone . I hear the nice crackling fire calling me.

Create & Inspire,


  1. Your brooches are beautiful! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I appreciate your kind comment. I did not make the tree skirt, but I do want to make one for next year - just ran out of time!

  2. HARRIETTTT!!! Those are so pretty!

    And you did a really good job of capturing what you had done with the photo.

    You and Mona are just ALWAYS doing something creative!

    In Him,

  3. Thanks so much Harriet and Grace! You did a wonderful job, girlfriend! Isn't that book great?

  4. I love these little fabric roses. I just ordered myself a fedora hat and I think I'll make some to decorate the band! :)


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