Thursday, July 5, 2012

What Have I Been Up To and Created Since January

  It has been a while since my last post. To let you know  I have been in school, working and taking care of the days that life has to offer. I  do find a  little  to read and see what everyone is creating. I have managed to get some creativity going and produce a few Seed Thoughts.Here is a couple thoughts:

A great find for $25 at a garage sale.Made a coffee/tea bar.

The skirt is made of burlap and scrap material and great trim I had in my supply.It also came with a top and a shelve to hang some utensils. My husband mounted  that part  to a desk for organization in one of the kids room.

Another thought:

  My bird garden creation. I had the frame for years and I purchased the paper at the Scrapbook Convention this year when I attended. I loved this project, I created it one night when everyone had gone to sleep and it just flowed right out. I always enjoy unexpected pleasures.I have hung it in my green house which I will share the excitement and photos of the backyard and green house in the next few post.Hope everyone had a great July 4th and are enjoying summer.

Create and Inspire,

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  1. Harriet,
    First of all, I REALLY dig the coffee bar. Great Idea and really perfect where you have it set up.

    Secondly, the bird garden creation is just lovely. Even though you were up in the wee hours when everyone else was fast asleep, I bet it was extremely energizing for you.

    Lastly, it has always been my philosophy that when The Muse lights upon your shoulder and whispers in your ear, you should do her bidding Posthaste.

    Good Job!

    Blessings to you and yours.

    In Him,


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