Friday, July 2, 2010

Recycling A Bag

A few months ago I purchased the Green Craft Magazine and I liked an article I found about recycling a brown grocery bag.

So I thought I would share with you my version of recycling a bag into a gift bag.I cut the sides out to open the bag.
Measure and cut to size with decorative scissors.

Searched through my stamp collection for a cool looking image to stamp on the bag. I choose a baby blue stamp pad. I love blue on brown.

Next, I searched through the scrapbooking stash to find something to compliment the soon to be gift bag.I love the scallop edging and used a zigzag stitch to sew the page onto the bag.

Now onto embellishing. I searched again through my stamps and found this wonderful bird. I also found a few flowers and ribbon to go with the bird.

Almost to the finished product.I added twill ribbon for the handles.This doesn't take long at all. So I would like to encourage you to be resourceful and recycle a few brown bags. Here is my gift bag.

Oh ! What is this? An artist coming in  along side me. About thirty minutes later my daughter came out of my studio and said Mom come in here I want to show you my gift bag.

She used a travel stamp and letters that spelled Europe and embellished with paper flowers and shiny big brads. She used rubber bands and plastic string for handles. The rubber bands were inserted where holes were punched and the string tied to the bands. This gave the handles flexability to handle a little weight (she said). I thought she did a excellent job.


  1. Another great project from HAW and family! Isn't it nice to have the gift of creativity and know that your kids have that gift, too?

    Where's my bag? LOL

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  5. Both bags are just sooo lovely!!! Great job, girls! ;) Paulette

  6. I didn't know you had a blog! Great idea for a gift bag - so creative. But what else would I expect?? :-)

  7. Love this, very creative! Thanks for coming by my blog, and glad you're enjoying it! [and I love your blog background, yummy colours, and gnomes too, my kind of place :)]

  8. Oh I love this! They would sure make cute goody bags.:)

  9. Hi! What a fab idea! I could do this for my packaging to customers too! Thanks for leaving a comment I love to hear from you all:) hugs, Kimberly


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