Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wall Paper Sample Books,Magnet Sheets and a Stool

Well I finally got a second post for July. It has been a very busy summer.Do you every like looking through wallpaper sample books? Well several months ago I picked up some from the paint store.(I had creative thoughts in mind.)

On with the creativity. About four years ago I made a trip to Canton, Tx. for trade days . I was on a mission for a step stool.I am what some would say height challenged {to them of course}. I found the wood vendor and purchased my stool. Now off to paint {4 years later }Ha! Well I sanded a couple times and I got the spray  paint  out to cover the stool.
A couple of good even coats.  Notice the two different handles on the spray cans they are designed so you don't come away with painter finger. Sometimes these new ideas are not so user friendly to me.But,I have decided that the larger handle is the easiest to hold, pull , release and for me leaves no painter finger.

Now, the ideas came flowing to search the WPSB - to see what I could find to decoupage on the stool. This is what I found ,

then I ask myself do I use them all or just the wine labels or the servers? Do you ever have that problem ?
I played around with the layout and this is what I have chosen.

What about magnet sheets? These are great you just peel the paper off and stick a photo,artwork, etc.to the sticky side of the magnet.  I now have my own set of french servers. They are so cute hanging around my refrigerator.

I so hope you've enjoy this post . Have a enjoyable summer . Remember take time for family,friends and being creative.
Create and Inspire,

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  1. I love all of it! Wanna bring over your handy sprayer and paint my chairs? ha! The magnets are cute, cute! And, I love you despite your challenge in height!


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